Spot Reduction or Spot Training Can Work Wonders

Fact – “Fat cells are distributed across your entire body. If you want to lose fat from a specific spot, you need to lose overall body fat,” says Rosante. Not only Adam Rosante, many believe that if you want to make your arms thin or your belly flat, you’ve got to make your entire body slim-trim.

            A mix of high-intensity cardio and solid strength training, accompanied by an appropriate diet, helps you lose your overall body weight and makes you go from fat to fit and from flab to fab. People and even umpteen experts say that the difference in your body weight is visible once you lose 5-10 Kgs, depending on your weight.  

Important Points

  • You need to focus on making all your body parts move and sweat even if you only want to get rid of the fat from a single body part
  • There are certain exercises to help tone the muscles, but that will show only when the excessive fat vanishes

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