Why One Cannot Deny The Importance Of Consulting A Dietitian

Well, you must be frequently hearing the term – ‘mindful eating’ – and by now, you are completely familiar with it, aren’t you? You must be thinking why on earth should I put my mind or brain to the pleasure called eating. Food is just for the purpose of tickling and tantalizing the taste buds, right? Wrong! Food is much more than satiating the taste buds and health is much more than wealth.

It is extremely important to plan your meal, decide what ingredients to shop for and indulge in eating quality food. You need to understand that whether what is going inside your mouth and stomach is beneficial for your body or not. That’s where the crucial role of a dietitian comes into play.

Here’s a lowdown on 5 reasons why you must go ahead and consult a dietitian for your physical and in fact, also for your mental well-being –

1. Motivation & Confidence

Just like food is your best buddy, your dietitian can also be your best friend. He or she can motivate you through food, a way in which no one else can. For instance, your nutrition expert will suggest having Jawar and Bajra Rotis, which are healthy and tasty as well. Also, the expert will ask you to maintain a food diary every day, which is more than handy and useful as you are penning down and monitoring what you are eating daily.


2. A Practical & Positive Approach Towards Life
Going shopping and challenging yourself to check your temptation is something that is taught beautifully by a dietitian. You will also learn to eat healthy food that will make you feel good as well as not harm your mind or body. After all, a controlled, practical and optimistic approach towards life more than helps.


3. You Can Set Realistic Goals & Lose Or Gain Weight The Healthy Way

He or she will make you understand that losing weight is not an overnight process and doing something like skipping meals to lose weight fast can prove harmful. Crash and fad diets do not work. Slow and steady is the way to go. Also, your nutritionist will provide you with the appropriate diet chart not only to lose weight, but gain weight as well.


4. Fine-Tune Your Diet & Prioritize Your Favourite Foods

Now, this is 100% true. A dietitian gives that fine touch to your daily diet. You will be taught and advised how to turn the most boring foods into something interesting. For example, Masala Bhindi instead of Plain Bhindi (Lady’s Finger). You will also be motivated to prioritize your favourite French Fries or Jalebis and keep their intake in check. You will start eating these in moderation once or max twice a week.


5. A Guide In Need Is A Dietitian Indeed

A good dietitian can be your friend, guide and in fact, your favourite food philosopher. He can present the concept of healthy eating in a colourful way and help you put the habit of eating right into practice.


So, you see, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to a dietitian. Make sure you do a proper research before visiting him or her. A qualified or registered dietitian would be best.

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A balanced diet is the key.

Always remember, it’s important to gorge on both good and tempting food (at times & in moderation) as well as have a thoroughly nutritious and healthy meal.

And who can be a better guide in this case than a Registered Dietitian (RD) or a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?   

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